Friday, June 23, 2006

Nelson's first day on the Palace grounds

"Tetanus shots, Malaria pills, Polio vaccine and various other medical preparations: $300.00
First Class ticket to Bangalore: $5,000.00
A Panasonic digital camera: 150.00 Pounds A Bottle of Kingfisher Beer: Rs 100.00 Hiring a Chauffeur for the day in India: Rs 250.00 per hour.
Getting together with Rob, Nelson, Kevin, George, Eric, Danny, Richie, Brian, Steve, Marty,Tim, Jeff, Greg, Paul, Franklin and the rest of this fantastic crew to do what we do best (make shit happen) on the other side of the Globe = PRICELESS!
This has truely been an experience that I will never forget and one that I am very grateful to have worked on. The precious memories that I have walked away with, from Bangalore India June, 2006 can never be matched. From every wire to every piece of equipment, and every drop of rain to every ant & mosquito. From every curried piece of lamb to every sacred cow From every sinking feeling of, "Oh my God! this has got to be the worst disaster I have ever been involved with." To the most satisfying feeling of triumph while hearing Rob Anderson say:"That's a wrap!" These memories will always be considered by me to be a priceless treasureof experiences. "

Jeff "OZ" Osborne
Video Engineer
Bangalore, India
June 13, 2006

The "OZ", ready for work.

The Palace video tape room

One of the Palace monkeys

A temple facade

Rob Anderson, Jack Morton/IBM Director

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The crew at the Palace grounds Bangalore, India June 7, 2006.

"Tuck, Tucks." And the murderous Bangalore traffic!

"The Patio," after the rain.

Local laborers helping at the construction site.

One of the many Indian women who sweep all day.

Our door man, Mr. O.E. Lobo.

A local laborer pulling cable.

Our lone satellite dish.

The five o'clock showers.

The Audio room

Two local laborers waiting for work.

The "infamous" Sarah Kodner

The Videotape room at the Palace

Waiting for work